Why We Love the DiamondGlow® Facial

 Why We Love the DiamondGlow® Facial

When you want to rejuvenate your skin and achieve a more youthful glow, there are plenty of options available — but only one uses patented diamond tip technology to provide you with the best results possible.

At Meridian Plastic Surgery, we're proud to offer the DiamondGlow® facial for beautifully flawless results. Dr. Lee Thornton and Dr. Mark Elliott are two plastic surgery specialists who provide you with multiple options to achieve the results you desire.

What is a DiamondGlow facial?

The DiamondGlow facial is a cutting-edge microdermabrasion treatment to resurface and rejuvenate your skin. It's noninvasive and offers stunning results in as little as 30 minutes.

What's impressive about the DiamondGlow facial is that we use diamonds in the treatment. The diamonds act as an exfoliator, allowing us to remove dead cells and debris from your skin. We use a small wand with a tip made from crushed-up diamonds.

We love this treatment because it provides a nonsurgical option for healthier and younger-looking skin. The patented diamond-tipped wand gives you a stunning appearance and makes your skin feel smoother and softer.

The DiamondGlow facial is a type of skin resurfacing treatment that not only exfoliates but also allows us to clean out your pores and rehydrates your skin with special serums.

How it's different from other facials

The most significant difference between the DiamondGlow facial and other facial treatments is the patented three-in-one technology in the wand. Not only is the wand tipped with precious diamonds, but it also provides you with three essential steps in one procedure:


We use the diamond tip to gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells or surface debris. The exfoliation process provides you with healthier-looking skin before the end of your session.

The exfoliation process also stimulates your body to produce more collagen in the treatment area. Collagen helps you look younger by plumping your skin and repairing years of damage.


The next step in the DiamondGlow facial is the extraction step, where we thoroughly clean out your pores and remove harmful debris or dead skin cells. We love this step because it helps your skin heal from the inside out.


During this part of your facial, we add a specific serum based on your needs into the diamond-tipped wand. The wand delivers the serum deep into your pores, rejuvenating your skin and providing you with the necessary nutrients. 

We perform the infusion step at the same time as the extraction.

The benefits of a DiamondGlow facial

We love the DiamondGlow facial because of the many benefits you get out of one single treatment. Most other types of microdermabrasion allow us to remove dead skin and stimulate collagen production.

The DiamondGlow difference is in the patented technology and the three-in-one treatment system. You get more noticeable results after a quick 30-minute treatment.

Another benefit is that the facial is noninvasive, meaning no anesthesia is required, and you don't have to worry about scars from plastic surgery. It's a fantastic way to look younger without falling under the knife.

If you're interested in scheduling a DiamondGlow facial, call our office at 601-693-7742 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thornton or Dr. Elliott. You can also request an appointment on the website.

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