Procedures for Men


Plastic surgery in men continues to grow in popularity as healthy lifestyles and a desire for a more youthful appearance impact men just as they do women. The most common procedures for men include liposuction, Botox┬«, face-lift, and rhinoplasty.

Fat Reduction

The staff at Meridian Plastic Surgery has perfected multiple noninvasive techniques to help you whip stubborn fat deposits into submission.

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Gynecomastia is a condition that causes abnormally large breasts on men. Men and boys who are affected by this condition often experience embarrassment and emotional trauma.

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NeoGraft Hair Transplant

First in the state to offer NeoGraft, we chose this patented technology because we believe that men and women suffering from hair loss deserve a more desirable, minimally invasive option than the current hair transplant methods and treatments.

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Meridian Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of reconstructive surgeries to help you restore your appearance, health, and mobility.

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Vein Procedures

As we age, some of our veins begin to show signs of wear and even break down, leaving behind unsightly marks in the skin. Dr. Elliott can address your protruding and swollen veins, restoring your comfort and confidence.

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