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Thank you so much for seeing me on the 31st. Dr. Thornton was very informative and answered all my questions. I really didn’t have to ask much because in his discussion to me regarding my options, he was so detailed. He covered everything I was worried about. The clinic also worked me in because of my condition and need for immediate surgery. I will be bragging on him and his staff for a long time. Before I left he was on the phone with the doctor that will be my next visit before surgery. A huge way to go and thank you to Dr. Thornton and his staff!!!

Kelli Peavy



Everyone was friendly. There were all professional. The atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed. Dr. Elliott seemed very interested in my concerns and answered all of my questions.

Robin Butler



Appointment was for my 9 year old daughter! Staff and Dr. Thornton went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable! Friendly and professional staff!

Bailey Bonner



Very satisfied from the time I walked in the front door until I walked out. Only ways I know it could be better would be 1. House Calls 2. Drive thru or 3. Curb Service.

Ronald Geatches



Friendly atmosphere.  Wonderful employees!  Professionalism at its finest!

Ashley Thacker



I was very impressed with staff and environment. I felt at home and was treated in a friendly, but professional way. Kudos!

Sue Magee



The staff is wonderful and the facility is breathtaking!  Dr. Thornton makes you feel like a friend, not a number like most healthcare providers.  I would recommend Meridian Plastic Surgery to anyone!

Nicole Boyd



The personnel you have are wonderful!  Was greeted warmly upon arrival, and also upon leaving.  Lisa was so kind and helpful in detailing the procedure; just a very kind person.

Linda Waltman



I thought the surgery was done as efficiently as is possible.  When you have two growths removed (including one which would have been done outside the office) and are out in 30 minutes, that’s really timely.  The wounds are still in the process of healing, but I’m pleased with the way things have turned out.  If you need someone to provide a good reference, give me a call.  I’d certainly return if I need surgery.  Thanks

Raymon Leake



I was very impressed with Dr. Elliott.  He was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.  He answered all of my questions and gave me a clear understanding of some issues I was concerned with.

Christina Roush



Very pleased with my visit!  From the front desk to the doctor and his assistant…Thanks so much!  Excellent!

Vinessa Turner



Going to a doctor’s appointment at Meridian Plastic Surgery is a wonderful experience. There is no waiting and the atmosphere is so nice.  Everyone is helpful and friendly.  I will recommend this place to everyone I know. Who knew skin care could be so easy and pleasant!

Dorothy Bradford



Great people from the time I can in to the time I left the building!

Irven Skinner



I’ll follow Dr. Thornton and his entire staff any place at any time.  The GREATEST!

Morele Rosenfeld



The lovely waiting area is comfortable.  I was very pleased at how quickly I was called to the exam room, seen by Dr. Elliott, made my next appointment, and on my way.  My appointment time was 11:30 and I was on my way home at 11:36.  Excellent!

Carolyn Starnes



Dr. Elliott and his staff have always been extremely friendly and helpful, every time I have been there.  I would highly recommend him to anyone, not only for his skill, but all staff members make you feel as though you, the patient, are always their top priority.  Thank you, Meridian Plastic Surgery, for always making my experience with you a very pleasant one!

Edith McCarra



I was impressed with the whole experience, but especially, the amount of time Dr. Thornton took with me and my wife explaining melanomas and what to expect.

Tracy Scott



Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  I’m nervous in doctor’s offices, but I felt at ease immediately with the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Nell Huff



I love the surgery clinic!!!  Dr. Elliott has changed my whole outlook on life and myself. I actually like myself now!!!  Everyone at the clinic has been wonderful and very helpful.

Paula Clearman



As is always the case, the visit was professionally and personally, the best.  Dr. Elliott and his staff, as well as, the greeters at the front desk have always made me comfortable with whatever the situation is at hand, be it basal cell skin cancers or melanoma.

James Miller



I have to brag on the staff there…. I see Dr. Elliott and I simply can’t say enough about everyone there and how awesome they all are.  I actually have been a patient of Dr. Elliott’s since he first came to Meridian, so we go way back.  When I get asked about any type of procedures related to any type of surgeries where there might be a visible scar, I immediately tell them about Dr. Elliott.  I don’t understand why so many people go outside of Meridian to get “work” done when we have such a great surgeon right here in our home town, someone that is so professional and so methodical about his work and the love of his job. I would never go anywhere or to anyone else but him. I have so much faith in him I even referred my daughter to him to have her surgery. The staff there is always so awesome and go above and beyond no matter how crazy it may be in the office and to me it means the world.

This last surgery I had done I had my mom with me because my husband is deployed to Iraq, everyone there was so caring and understanding and never once made me feel alone, even Dr. Elliott asked about him day of surgery, and at each follow up appointment.  I simply can’t tell you how much this means to me and my husband.

You all are so very lucky to have such a wonderful staff.  Kudos to you all at Meridian Plastic Surgery.

PS I love Heather!!!

Melanie Johnson



I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor or nurses. Through a several-month process, he was a strong comfort. He’s the doctor who made me feel normal again.

Christine Kelly



When you have an appointment at 8:15, that’s when Dr. Elliott will see you. You don’t spend a lot of time in the waiting room, and all the people who work there are very kind people.

Gerald Crawford



When I came in for my consultation, I was immediately pleased with how professional everyone was at MPS. It put me at ease having such a warm welcome. Dr. Thornton explained the whole process of my surgery to me and assured me by answering all of my questions. I have lived in Meridian my whole life, and I am so proud to have this clinic here with such wonderful doctors and nurses. When people tell me they are thinking about going somewhere else, I always ask why they would go anywhere else but Meridian Plastic Surgery.

Mary Beth Justus



From start to finish, everyone at Meridian Plastic Surgery was great. Dr. Thornton researched my case to find the best possible solution – and he did. He was relentless in helping me and my situation. He remained persistent and dedicated to my overall health. He cared not only about my physical health, but my emotional health as well. He always took his time answering all of my questions. The staff is just as great. Every nurse there is amazing. They really make me feel like family.

Paula Webb



Dr. Thornton’s patients are his biggest concern. He is a special person and a special doctor. His nurse, Lisa, is just as good. They take care of their people.

Martha Robb



I was fortunate to find Dr. Thornton. He has done a terrific job with my surgeries and made me feel like I was the only patient he had. I would also recommend to anyone to look into laser surgery here.

Catherine Staggs



Dr. Thornton is the best doctor you could have. He is always considerate and shows compassion for his patients.

Mandie Reed



I can’t express enough thanks for the kindness and consideration ya’ll have given me. The difference you guys have made in my life. I say “you guys” because it takes all of you.

I have heard my entire life that plastic surgery is nothing but vanity and is frowned upon by so many. We live in a world that we are judged so much on our looks. I would get mean and cruel comments from people about my weight and the way I looked. I lost 50 pounds and would still get rude comments. The “tummy tuck” was beyond what I expected. When I went for my consultation, you made me feel that I was okay and life had done this to me by choosing to have children, not hideous or ugly. I am proud that you suggested the breast reduction; it all goes together so well. I researched everything about the tummy tuck, breast reduction, and arm lift, and never expected my results to turn out like they did. Dr. Thornton, you are incredible! I now have so many compliments about my looks. I do not have a problem telling people what I have done and who did it. I went to eat with my oldest daughter (age 20) the other day. When the waitress came to our table, she said, “Are ya’ll sisters?” Talk about an ego boost! I know I didn’t have a face-lift or anything like that, but I realized after we left that it wasn’t that I look so young, it’s that I am happier now and it shows. I can go shopping and enjoy trying on clothes. I used to get upset when I had to go shopping. I literally hated trying on clothes. My relationship with my husband was great; now it is even better. I know it isn’t that he loves me more; it’s that I LOVE ME more.

I am not ashamed that I chose to have the surgery. I am very proud that I thought enough of myself and my sweet husband thought enough of me to go ahead with it. We are by far not rich. We have a very modest income. We have a home, children, and drive very modest vehicles; money is just money. We have to have it to live, but we definitely don’t live for it. The surgeries were very much worth every penny; this was money well spent. A friend of ours said, “You could have bought a car with that much money.” My husband let him know quickly that the investment in me was worth more than any car or truck in this world.

I know you make a difference in so many lives with your talent. You have changed mine. God blessed me with you. God has his hand in everything in our lives, whether we accept it or not. He has blessed you, Dr. Thornton, with a wonderful talent and a wonderful staff. Please be sure to thank Him for all that He has done for you. I pray ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I have begun a wonderful NEW LIFE!

Anonymous Patient



Dr. Thornton and staff are awesome; having the surgery was very pleasant. Everything concerning my surgery was great. Well done, and I thank the entire staff very much.

Anonymous Patient



I had a very good experience, and the staff was very nice and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to use or recommend you to anyone. Thanks for the excellent care I received.

Anonymous Patient



Everyone is always so friendly, and they take special care of me when I have an appointment. The girls in the skin care department ROCK! They help to keep my skin beautiful! I’ve been a patient for over 10 years now I believe. Thanks again to MPS and Dr.Thornton!

Anonymous Patient


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