Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin With Microneedling

Piercing the top layer of your skin with several micro-fine needles to create a healing response may sound counterintuitive, but this process — called microneedling — really works. The expert team led by Lee Thornton, MD, FACS and Mark Elliott, MD, FACS at Meridian Plastic Surgery, uses microneedling to make your skin more youthful, soft, and wrinkle-free by boosting the production of age-defying collagen. Here’s why everyone is raving about it.

Rejuvenating remedies to reverse aging skin 

The therapeutic use of tiny needles dates back to ancient China and the art of acupuncture. Today, our team at Meridian Plastic Surgery performs microneedling to improve a variety of skin-related issues, including:

Age-defying collagen

The microneedling device helps stimulate collagen production within your skin to lessen wrinkles and other blemishes caused by years of sun damage and the normal aging process. Collagen provides one of your body’s most abundant sources of protein. It not only helps build skin, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and bones, but it also keeps you looking youthful.

Derived from the Greek word “kólla,” meaning glue, collagen helps bond all of these elements within your body. However, you make less and less of this marvelous mortar as you age. Mircroneedling helps put back what nature takes away, keeping your skin looking younger longer.

How a microneedling treatment works

Before each microneedling procedure, your provider applies a numbing cream to minimize any potential pain from the tiny needles. Gently stretching your skin, he moves the microneedling device over your skin’s surface in horizontal, vertical, and oblique directions. This creates several tiny punctures in the upper layer of your skin without harming the epidermal layers below. Although your skin may feel irritated immediately afterward, any discomfort should go away within just a few days, leaving your skin smoother and healthier than before. 

After a few short sessions, with little downtime, you notice a reduction in crow’s feet and facial wrinkles. You can also greatly reduce acne scars without any side effects from chemicals, lasers, or injections. 

To learn whether microneedling is right for you, book a consultation online or call our office at 601-693-7742 for more details. The team at Meridian Plastic Surgery is excited to help you get beautiful, more youthful-looking skin.

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