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Flesh wounds are a relatively common injury. However, some people sustain wounds that may not heal on their own. These chronic wounds can increase your risk of developing a severe infection and other health issues. At Meridian Plastic Surgery in Meridian, Mississippi, the experienced plastic surgery team includes wound care specialists who can provide the intervention you need to support healing and prevent health complications from chronic, non-healing wounds. For a wound care evaluation, call the office or request an appointment through the online booking tool.

Wound Care Q & A

Why do some wounds not heal?

When you have a cut, your body engages its complex wound healing system to repair the damage. The wound-healing process generally follows four stages, which are:

  • Stopping the bleeding
  • Cleaning the wound and preventing infection
  • Healing and repairing the damaged tissue
  • Strengthening the tissue

Your wound may not heal if your body is unable to perform one of the necessary stages of wound healing. Several common causes for chronic wounds include:

  • Vascular diseases
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Nerve damage
  • Trauma
  • Surgery
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Immobility
  • Decreased immune function
  • Infections
  • Burns
  • Radiation exposure
  • History of diabetes

Smoking also affects wound healing because it causes your blood vessels to constrict, which limits the supply of the essential healing factors, including oxygen and nutrients, needed to repair your wound. 

When should I seek a wound care evaluation?

You should seek a wound care evaluation at Meridian Plastic Surgery if you have a non-healing wound. In general, a non-healing wound is defined as any wound that hasn't started the healing process within two weeks or any wound that hasn't completely healed within six weeks. 

You should also schedule a wound care evaluation if your wound is painful, warm to the touch, or has a foul odor. 

What can I expect during a wound care evaluation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation from the team at Meridian Plastic Surgery when you come in with concerns about a non-healing wound. During your assessment, the providers ask detailed questions about your injury and symptoms, as well as your medical history, diet, usual activities, and general lifestyle habits.

Then, the team conducts a physical examination and carefully examines your wound. Diagnostic tests, such as a wound swab, blood work, or urinalysis, may be recommended to help determine the underlying cause of your non-healing wounds. Contributing factors to a wound that doesn't heal may include an underlying infection or undiagnosed diabetes.

What do wound care treatments involve?

The surgeons at Meridian Plastic Surgery are experts in wound care and focus treatment on removing the dead, damaged, and infected tissue from your skin. They use several approaches to assist in your body's natural healing potential and keep the surrounding tissue healthy.

Wound care treatment at Meridian Plastic Surgery may involve:

  • debridement
  • compression
  • skin grafting
  • wound healing bandages

Wounds that don't receive proper treatment may cause life-threatening infections or debilitating health issues. In some cases, an untreated wound could lead to amputation.

The team schedules regular wound care follow-up appointments so they can monitor healing and provide additional treatments as needed. In some cases, it can take a while for a non-healing wound to close.

For expert wound care from an experienced team, contact Meridian Plastic Surgery by phone or online today.