Say Hello to a Healthier Sex Life With diVa®️ Vaginal Therapy

Whether you’re male or female, your sexual health matters and plays no small role in your quality of life. Unfortunately, for far too long, solving sexual health issues in women took a backseat to men — until now.

Thanks to emerging technologies, increasing awareness, and a new understanding of the many ways in which a woman’s sexual health can be affected, we have the tools you need to improve your sex life, including the innovative diVa®️ laser vaginal therapy.

At Meridian Plastic Surgery, our highly qualified team of surgeons understands that not all solutions require surgery, which is why we’ve equipped ourselves with the latest laser technologies. Included in our extensive suite is the diVa system, which is helping scores of women enjoy a healthier sex life.

Behind declining sexual health

There are several reasons why a woman’s sex life can deteriorate, with vaginal health problems leading the charge.

Take, for example, the biggest driver of poor vaginal health — menopause. As women transition out of their reproductive years, their ovaries shut down, which means they no longer release eggs or have corresponding menstrual cycles. While that aspect may be a boon for your sex life, your ovaries also produced most of your reproductive hormones, namely estrogen.

Estrogen plays a key role in regulating ovulation, but it also oversees the health of your vaginal tissues, ensuring that they’re well lubricated and toned to encourage intercourse and delivery. Without estrogen, your vaginal walls can thin and dry out, which leads to painful sex. In fact, more than half of postmenopausal women between ages 51 and 60 report problems with vaginal dryness.

Outside of menopause, other issues can affect your vaginal health, such as a hysterectomy (which sends you into menopause), childbirth, and certain medical treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy for cancer.

No matter what caused the problems with your vaginal tissues, the good news is that we offer the perfect solution with diVa.

Restoring vaginal health with diVa

The diVa laser system relies on hybrid fractional laser technology to deliver different wavelengths of energy into your vaginal tissues to encourage several processes:

Not only does diVa laser vaginal therapy improve your sex life, but it can also help with problems with incontinence by improving your bladder’s support systems.

The treatments themselves take only minutes for us to administer, and there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to get on with your day. In most cases, we recommend a series of quick-and-easy diVa treatments for optimal results, and we space these sessions out by several weeks to allow time for your vaginal tissues to respond.

As you progress through your diVa treatments, you’ll realize gradual results until you’re able to fully reclaim your sex life.

If you’d like to learn more about the exciting diVa technology or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment, please contact our office in Meridian, Mississippi, by calling our friendly staff or booking an appointment online.

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