Can Liposuction Decrease the Size of My Thighs?

Can Liposuction Decrease the Size of My Thighs?

If you’ve worked hard to stay fit yet still struggle with stubborn fat pockets in your thighs, you’re not alone. Fat can gather in the thigh area for a range of reasons, from the way your body is built and your genetics to your age and levels of estrogen. And changing your diet or lifestyle habits aren’t always enough. 

While you can attempt to keep exercising your thighs into a slimmer place, liposuction provides immediate and lasting fat reduction for good candidates.

Our experienced plastic surgeons at Meridian Plastic Surgery in Meridian, Mississippi, specialize in liposuction for changing your body’s contours and proportions to help you meet your aesthetic goals. If you’re curious about liposuction for slimmer thighs, read on.

How liposuction works

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that contours your body shape by removing stubborn pockets of fat. During your treatment, your surgeon will insert a thin plastic tube into your skin through tiny incisions. They’ll then use this tube to loosen fat and then suction it out with a special surgical vacuum. 

Liposuction can reduce fat in numerous areas, including your abdomen, buttocks, hips, back, calves, and thighs. The three areas of your thighs that can benefit from this treatment include the outer thighs, or “saddlebags,” inner thighs to create a “thigh gap,” and posterior thighs, or “banana roll” area. 

Liposuction for thinner thighs

In general, liposuction provided by a qualified professional can create a slimmer thigh appearance. Just how effectively it can do so, however, depends on factors such as the quality and elasticity of your skin and how much fat your provider can safely remove. Your surgeon can help recommend the ideal treatment plan, based on your current physique, overall health, and preferences. 

Good candidates for liposuction

If you’re interested in receiving liposuction for slimmer thighs, our team can determine if you’re a good candidate during a consultation. It’s important to keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but a contouring treatment. Signs you may be a good candidate include:

We can also help determine if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting®, a nonsurgical treatment for getting rid of bothersome, stubborn fat. For large areas of thigh fat, you may find liposuction more useful. For smaller areas, we may suggest CoolSculpting.

To learn more about liposuction or get started with the treatment you desire, call Meridian Plastic Surgery or schedule a consultation using our online booking feature.

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