Can Laser Hair Removal Free Me From Shaving or Waxing Forever?

Can Laser Hair Removal Free Me From Shaving or Waxing Forever?

Shaving your legs and your bikini line is tedious, especially when you must do it daily. How can you eliminate the pesky hair without picking up a razor?

Laser hair removal is a cutting-edge technology that allows the team at Meridian Plastic Surgery to rid your body of unsightly body hair.

Dr. Lee Thornton and Dr. Mark Elliott are leading our team, both esteemed plastic surgeons. They help you decide if you're ready for laser hair removal and tell you what to expect from treatment.

The facts on laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that eliminates unwanted body hair using an intense beam of light known as a laser.

You can have laser hair removal on just about any area of your body that has hair except for the area around your eyes. We don't recommend having skin treated with tattoos, as the laser may affect the pigment in your tattoo.

The most prevalent areas of the body we treat through laser hair removal include the armpits, legs, bikini line, and upper lip.

Your hair color and skin type affect the success of laser hair removal. People with dark hair are more likely to have long-term success with treatment.

Red, blonde, white, and gray hair don't absorb the laser as effectively. However, options are available if you have one of these hair colors.

How does it work?

To semi-permanently remove hair, lasers use intense light energy to penetrate the hair follicle and keep it from growing.

During the procedure, we pass the laser over the treatment area. The laser light penetrates your skin into your hair follicle, and the intense heat damages the follicle.

Understanding that your hair doesn't immediately fall out after the treatment is essential. You'll notice your hair begin to fall out over the next few weeks.

However, the hair growth cycle often requires repeated treatments to get the best results. Your hair goes through cycles of growth and loss, and laser hair removal works best when your hair is newly growing.

The procedure is noninvasive and is only slightly uncomfortable. We provide you with numbing cream if you request it for any discomfort.

Some people describe the feeling of the laser as a rubber band flicking the skin or a warm stick from a pin. We may put a cooling gel on the treatment area to prevent skin damage.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is very successful, but it's not necessarily forever. Laser hair removal aims to get rid of noticeable hair for months to years without needing to shave regularly.

For many people, laser hair removal removes unwanted hair for long periods. Even if the hair does come back in, there's often a lot less of it, and it's not as noticeable.

Although laser hair removal isn't permanent, you can expect drastic results after a few treatments, which helps you avoid shaving and waxing for long periods.

How often do I need touch-ups?

There's no perfect answer to when you need touch-ups for hair growth after laser hair removal. After several treatments, you should have unnoticeable hair for months to years.

However, if you notice more hair growth or need to shave more often, we can get you in for a touch-up appointment.

It's not uncommon for hair to grow back over time, so touch-ups are recommended. We give you an idea of how often you'll require touch-ups based on your hair texture and density.

Call our office at 601-693-7742 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thornton or Dr. Elliott to discuss laser hair removal. You can also request an appointment online.

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