Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

Brow Lift Versus Eyelid Lift: Which Is Right for Me?

When you look in the mirror and see baggy, saggy eyes, all you know is that it makes you look and feel older than you are. You play the what-if game by pulling up your lids, tugging up your brows, and imagining what you could look like if you finally decided to have surgery. 

Stop wondering. At Meridian Plastic Surgery in Meridian, Mississippi, Lee Thornton, MD, FACS, and Mark Elliott, MD, FACS, turns back the hands of time with the ever-popular blepharoplasty procedure, better known as an eyelift. He expertly removes the excess skin and fat that weigh down your eyes and age your face.

What you may not know, is that there’s a difference between an eyelid lift and a brow lift. Read on to learn more. 

Do I need an eyelid lift?

Your surgeon at Meridian Plastic Surgery evaluates your skin, eyes, health, and overall aesthetic goals before recommending a surgical procedure. Some general considerations include where your skin is sagging and why.

If your upper lids have excess fat and skin that has fallen out of place, upper lid blepharoplasty is what you need.

Lower lid blepharoplasty may be more suitable if you have bags and wrinkles under your eyes. Our physicians also perform a procedure called lower lid pinch blepharoplasty, a procedure in which he only removes a bit of extra skin but leaves the fat in place. 

He also offers transconjunctival blepharoplasty that eases puffiness without removing any skin, an excellent option for younger patients.

These procedures may be performed simultaneously should you want to address multiple issues. 

Each procedure is relatively quick — about 30 minutes. If you have multiple procedures, it’ll take a bit longer. You can expect some swelling and bruising in the area that typically clears after a week. Stitches come out after seven days, and most patients report little pain overall with upper or lower lid lifts.

Do I need a brow lift?

It may be difficult to tell whether your sagging lids are caused by excess skin above your eyes or the problem is originating a little higher up. Sometimes sagging in your forehead or brow can cause your eyebrows to form a hood over your eyes. This can interfere with your visual acuity, create an aged appearance, and may or may not be combined with drooping eyelid skin.

If your physician determines that your forehead is causing the issue, he may recommend a brow lift. A little more involved than an eyelid lift, a brow lift requires about 10-14 days for healing, and it may be several weeks before all the swelling recedes and the full benefits of your brow lift appear.

The brow lift is performed using a coronal incision near the hairline. When this incision heals to a fine line that over time is barely visible and typically covered by your hair.

Compared to blepharoplasty, a brow lift offers more cosmetic benefits, including

How to choose the right procedure

Your physician at Meridian Plastic Surgery is your most valuable resource when it comes to deciding which procedure is best:  an eyelid or brow lift. Our surgeons are board-certified and known for their attention to detail and always focus on your overall health and well-being. They help you navigate your options and make the best decisions based on your health, vision, and cosmetic goals.

Whether you need a brow lift, eyelid lift, or both, you can trust the professionals at Meridian Plastic Surgery to deliver the best outcome possible. To schedule a consultation, call 601-693-7742 or book an appointment online today.

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